On-Site Refill Program

How It Works

1. Initial Inquiry

Our bulk refill service is designed for clients using at least 4000 L of washer fluid and antifreeze annually. Connect with an experienced UltraClear account representative to determine what product(s) and equipment best suit your facility and applications.

2. Location Assessment

Determine the best location for your new bulk supply station, taking into account staff access, safety, temperature and power supply. Site evaluation/inspection by account managers can be easily arranged.

3. Equipment Delivery

Your selected equipment will arrive to be set up in your desired location.

4. First Fluid Delivery

After your equipment arrives and is set up, our truck will deliver your first fill of fluid on the next run in your delivery zone.

5. Refill Schedule & Ordering

We’ll determine a convenient automatic refill schedule (weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly) or, if you prefer, you can order online or by phone.

What Is the On-Site Refill Program?

Clear Quality, Clear Convenience

Unlike conventional jugs or drum programs, we never require contracts, storing, forklifts, or transfer space. We can fill your tanks automatically, eliminating the need for a service request.


A standard UltraClear windshield washer fluid equipment station includes:

  • Bulk fluid storage tank (680L, 850L & 1000L sizes available)
  • Dispensing hose (3/8” flexible HD 25’ coiled hose)
  • Dispensing nozzle


This isn’t just another tote swap. All you have to do is sign—our trained, professional drivers will handle the delivery process from start to finish. No forklift offloading, no moving of totes or drums, no fluid waste.


In addition to providing a full-service customer support team, we have expert service teams for repairs and setups. Plus, we adjust your refill schedules seasonally to meet the actual demands of your vehicles.


All of our personnel are TDG trained and WHMIS trained in hazardous materials handling protocols. Our delivery fleet is:

  • GPS monitored
  • Canada Weights and Measures certified
  • Regularly inspected for safety
  • Fitted with fluid handling equipment specifically designed for our products

Clearly Easy

When shopping for a “bulk” solution, know that many suppliers participate in tote swap programs. We are not a tote swap program. We do not require your dock or warehouse space or forklift use, nor do we require time to drain existing containers. All our delivery trucks come equipped with 75 feet of dispensing hose for quick and easy access and refill.

Our Environmental Commitment

Our on-site bulk refill program eliminates an estimated:
7 million
plastic jugs
1.7 million
corrugated boxes
How we reduce our global carbon footprint:
newest fleet runs on
diesel exhaust fluid
only invests in